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Refrigerated Transport Specialists

Food to USA, candies to Saudi Arabia, wine to Shanghai and Hong Kong, fruit, seafood, flowers, fish… We transport fresh or frozen perishable goods anywhere in the world ensuring its proper handling and transportation with temperature conservation technology.

The best quality in Refrigerated Transport

  • Cases and thermal blankets to minimize temperature excursions.
  • Controlled temperature +15º/+25º and +2º/+8º.
  • Frozen goods transportation with Envirotainer.

We use vehicles with ATP certificate for the correct Refrigerated Transport of perishable goods.

Ask for quotation quote and make your business save on Controlled Temperature Transport.

Do not worry about anything: we handle everything for you

Handling, packaging and packing your merchandise compliance protocols and hygiene, temperature, atmosphere, etc.

  • Collection of goods at source.
  • Refrigerated storage chambers to shipping
  • Packing and packaging of goods
  • correct labeling
  • Transport to destination in top condition